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Carré MOJI deals in Japanese calligraphic artwork for interior decoration, which are created by famous calligraphers who are affiliated with us.
These works are in general called modern calligraphy, interior calligraphy, art calligraphy, and design calligraphy in Japan.
Carré MOJI created this field and it has evolved into high quality interior art.
Each Carré MOJI work is an original, having been created at the hand of a master calligrapher. Our online shop carries approximately 450 works of art. All major credit cards are accepted. Works can be delivered to any address in Japan or overseas.
We offer a wide variety of modern calligraphic artwork in our collection, and more than 2,000 at our gallery in Jingumae, Tokyo, Japan.
Works can be viewed and purchased at our gallery, or they can be ordered by telephone (+81-3-5766-7120) or by e-mail.
All prices are in Japanese yen and include frames.