East meets West, in an encounter between tradition and modernity.
Carré MOJI is a new form of modern art from Japan, introducing modern calligraphy(shodo, sumi-e)
which is especially suitable for the interior of a modern home.

Each work is an original, having been created at the hand of a master calligrapher.
The distinctive qualities of each character are captured in beautiful brush strokes.
The frames used in every Carré MOJI calligraphic piece accentuate their value as works of interior art.

We are the only gallery, production and online shop of this kind
( modern calligraphy, interior calligraphy, art calligraphy, design calligraphy, shodo art, sumi-e ) in Japan,
a place where you will view a wide variety of artwork
which have both the highest calligraphic quality and superb sense of design.

Each work of art is truly one of a kind.

Bring the aesthetic experience of modern calligraphy into your home!