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Carre MOJI Corporation believes that it is extremely important to protect your privacy.

【Purposes of Use of Personal Information】a) To contact customers to provide services tailored to their requirements
b) To respond to inquiries

  • We collect personal information necessary for the above purposes by fair and appropriate means.
  • Personal information that requires special care is never collected without obtaining your consent in advance.
  • The personal information we obtain, including personal information that requires special care, will never be used for purposes other than the stated purposes without your consent.
  • We have measures in place to prevent leakage of information, and we supervise contractors as well as employees.
  • We will not provide your information to third parties, whether in Japan or overseas, without your consent.
  • We will disclose the information we have regarding an individual in response to a request from the person in question.
  • We will respond to requests to correct or delete your supplied personal information in the event that such information is found to be incorrect.
  • We will deal appropriately and promptly regarding complaints concerning the handling of personal information.
  • This Privacy Policy applies only to this website.

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